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Bagpipers typically start at 0-300 for weddings and funerals for example:
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Bagpipers for hire Eastern Shore Maryland for ceremonies , funerals and public-private Eastern Shore events.

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General Prices:
Solo from 125 to 300 for 1 hour event and pipe bands from 500-thousands depending on the size.
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Many bagpipers will wear the authentic piper attire for your event.

Bagpiping for all Occasions Bagpipers Providing bagpiping services for more than 35 years in the DC metropolitan area, Southern Pennsylvania and Alaska (South Central) areas. I have played the Highland bagpipe for weddings, funerals, frequently in Arlington National Cemetery, church services, private parties, school events, corporate and community celebrations. Solo piper for the NOrthern Virginia British CLub memorial service for Princess Dianna and for the DC memopial service for Tim Russert, from my home town of Buffalo, NY. Norm Weaver has played the bagpipes for more than 23 years. For the last 20 years he has been a member of the Washington Scottish Pipe Band, pipers to the Saint Andrew Society and to the Clan Gregor USA. As a member of the band, he has played in the National Cathedral for the annual Blessing of the Tartans, in numerous Highland Games, community concerts, memorial services for Saint Andrew Society members, and for many community activities. He has also played for a variety of ceremonies in the Northern Virginia and other Washington D.C. metropolitan areas including: Community celebrations, Many wedding services and receptions, National and International conferences including a major dinner meeting in the Library of Congress, Church services, Private parties, Fashion shows, School events, Grave-side services in the Arlington and Quantico National Cemeteries, Memorial service for the Princess Diana in Northern Virginia, Memorial services in funeral homes, places of worship, and cemeteries. Bagpipers Eastern Shore MD

Gustav Person Bagpipers I am an experienced piper and a personable individual. I enjoy talking to people about my pipes, attire and piping experiences. I also play the Smallpipes for indoor and more intimate events. Bagpipers Eastern Shore MD

Chesapeake Piper Bagpipers I am a full time professional bagpiper. I take my performances very seriously, particularly when it comes to ceremony, (Weddings and Funerals) and aim to make the song selections and aspects of the performance very personalized to every individual client. I am a full time professional piper with 15 years of musical experience and performing for various events/ceremonies. I studied music at the Philadelphia University of the Arts and play a handful of other instruments. Bagpipers Eastern Shore MD

Paul B. Cora, Piper Since 1986 I've performed at a wide variety of venues, pleasing a diverse range of audiences. From ceremonies and corporate events, to weddings, parties, graduations, fundraisers, memorials and funerals - I perform on the highland bagpipe to meet the needs of any client and occasion. In addition to music, I have a wide range of traditional attire to suit any venue. I've played the highland bagpipe individually and as a member of pipe bands since 1986 including parades, fundraisers, corparage gatherings, weddings, and memorials. Bagpipers Eastern Shore MD

Robert Mitchell provides the perfect touch to any wedding ceremony. He plays Highland bagpipes and Scottish smallpipes. Experience, reliability, and quality.minimumbudget $ 249.00
Bagpipers Eastern Shore MD

We make it easy to find a bagpiper for your local Eastern Shore MD wedding, funeral or private event.

Many bagpipers will wear the authentic piper attire for your event.
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