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Bagpipers typically start at 0-300 for weddings and funerals for example:
For weddings and events over 7 days from now, for the best rates click the request quotes link below.
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We have over 200 bagpipers in our wonderful network nationwide.
Bagpipers for hire New Brunswick New Jersey for ceremonies , funerals and public-private New Brunswick events.

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General Prices:
Solo from 125 to 300 for 1 hour event and pipe bands from 500-thousands depending on the size.
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Many bagpipers will wear the authentic piper attire for your event.

Bagpiping for Any Occasion by James B. Ruhf Bagpipers - I have been plaing bagpipes for 25+ years. Performing professionally at wedding, funerals, formal Ball's, St. Patrick's day events, Parades, memorials and more, for the past 10 years. I also teach beginning students Bagpipers New Brunswick NJ

Kyf Brewer Bagpipers I\'m a musician. I provide bagpiping. I can appear in full regalia or in casual dress. i was a member of the Loch Rannoch pipe Band. Been piping for about ten years, know all the favorites. Have done festivals, weddings, funerals, graduations, celebrations of life, etc. Bagpipers New Brunswick NJ

Symphony Studios, Inc Bagpipers There are many bagpipers that you can hire. The questions is: Do they sound good. My clients namely funeral homes rehire me on a regular basis because they like the quality of my playing. I have been playing professionally for 25 years. I play weddings, funerals and special events. I also teach music privately and am the founder of 2 pipe bands. Bagpipers New Brunswick NJ

Osteopathic Entertainment People have chosen Osteopathic Entertainment-s services for a variety of reasons. First, we provide high quality entertainment at a reasonable price. We run one sound system with one to two disc jockeys but we charge the same as some companies running a d Performing on the Great Highland bagpipes since 1995 with performance at Muhlenberg College's production of Brigadoon and Muhlenberg College's Commencement in 1998. Providing disc jockey services as Osteopathic Entertainment since 1999 with highlights including parties at Ocean City's Night in Venice and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey's Dental Clinic Holiday Party and the School of Osteopathic Medicine's Osteoblaste party. Bagpipers New Brunswick NJ

We make it easy to find a bagpiper for your local New Brunswick NJ wedding, funeral or private event.

Many bagpipers will wear the authentic piper attire for your event.
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