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Bagpipers typically start at 0-300 for weddings and funerals for example:
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We have over 200 bagpipers in our wonderful network nationwide.
Bagpipers for hire Tampa Bay Florida for ceremonies , funerals and public-private Tampa Bay events.

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General Prices:
Solo from 125 to 300 for 1 hour event and pipe bands from 500-thousands depending on the size.
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We make it easy to find a bagpiper for your local Tampa Bay FL wedding, funeral or private event.

Gemma Briggs Bagpiping Bagpipers Gemma Briggs Bagpiping offers a fresh perspective on the art of bagpiping. As one of the only professional female bagpipers in the Tampa Bay area, and the youngest at 22 years old, I provide an alternative to the gruff Scot you usually see playing the pipes. I provide professional special event bagpiping services for weddings, funerals, private parties, corporate events, and more. With over 11 years of competition experience playing the pipes and hundreds of gigs under my belt, I provide professional musicianship and decorum for your event. For more information, visit I began playing bagpipes at age 11 in Dunedin, Florida. I continued to compete through school, winning numerous solo competitions across the United States. I attended the College of Wooster in Ohio on a bagpipe scholarship and served as the pipe major and leader of their competitive college band, managing a group of 15 pipers and Scottish drummers. I played my first solo gig at 14 years old, and now at 22, I have played hundreds of performances for anything from weddings on the beach to funerals in the snow. I look forward to providing the highest quality musicianship and professionalism for your event. For more information, visit Bagpipers Tampa Bay FL

Many bagpipers will wear the authentic piper attire for your event.

Bagpipers are great for wedding ceremonies and public events!
Bagpipers feature the celtic sounds perfect for ceremonies.
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